Our Past Projects

At Memphis Hackclub, we host weekly workshops and encourage our members to build on top of their individual workshops and create their unique version. Memphis Hackclub is a collection of talented student coders and engineers, and this page includes projects our members made in club and outside of club, on teams and individually.

Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings is an indie game made in the 2021 Memphis Hackclub. The theme for the game jam was outliers, so the objective of Humble Beginnings is to survive in a foriegn world. The main protagonist is an alien who crashed landed on Earth and disguised as a human. The player must stay alive by collecting gas cans and get points by collecting coins. The player must also avoid being hit by cars or plastic bags.

The Rabbit Hole Detector

The Rabbit Hole Detector is a Google Chrome extension developed during the Angel Hacks Hackathon by a team of Memphis Hackclubbers. The Rabbit Hole Detector was developed to make Chrome users more productive with time by visually showing them their website usage with pie charts. The extension stops people from going down a rabbit hole on certain websites by kicking them off after a period of time. These websites include know addictive websites such as Youtube, Twitter, and Tic Tok, but the extension also allows users to add their own websites and time periods.

Bestern Western

The Bestern Weastern is a Shooting gallery type game where you have to gun down crimales and spare the innocent. As the game progresses the timing gets faster and faster so you have to make split decisions to continue further. The Bestern Weastern challenges your reflexes and quick thinking to achieve a new high score, do you have what it takes?

Zoom Bookmarks

Zoom Bookmarks is a Chrome extension developed by Blake and Philip to be used as a workshop in Memphis Hackclub. This extension worked so well, we decided to list it on the Chrome Store. The Zoom Bookmarks allows users to save meeting info for recurring zoom meetings. You can download Zoom Bookmarks on the Chrome Store

Websites by Memphis Hackclubers

What makes a chicken so tasty? By Ben and Philip

Reddit Web Scraper by Jacob

The old Memphis Hackclub Website by Blake and Philip

NoteUnity student note storage and sharing by Philip

The New Memphis Hackclub Website by Blake and Philip

CS Projects By Memphis Hackclubers

Most of these projects were made by Memphis Hackclubers outside of hackclub just to show that we LOVE to code!

Hand Keyboard by Blake

The Hand Keyboard is a Machine Learning Project that allows you to use hand gestures to control keyboard inputs. It uses Media Pipe, a library made by google to track faces, objects, gestures, and much more. It’s a cool demo of the technology and can be expanded to track people to create a full body controller. This is GitHub Link if you are interested in seeing the code.

NYX Game Engine by Jacob

The NYX game engine is a high performance 3D game engine being developed by Jacob in C++ and OpenGL.

Car NLP Workshop by Philip

The Car NLP Workshop is a workshop created by Philip in iPython and HuggingFace as introduction to natural language processing machine learning. At the end of the workshop it shown how NLP could be reapplied, so that is why the picture has company values as answers.

Decayed indie game by John and Philip

Decayed is an indie game made by John and Philip. It is a 2D exploration game featuring colorful pixel graphics and many unique challenges. Decayed will be launched on itch.io for PC in the near future.

The Club Discord Bot by Philip

This is The Club Discord bot made by Philip in Node.js and has many built in commands! This is the Discord bot we use on the Memphis Hackclub Discord server.

Engineering Projects

Obstacle Avoiding Car by Blake

The Obstacle Avoiding Car is a robotic vehicle that uses distance sensing technology to determine if it is too close to a wall or object and turn if it gets to close. Its chassis is 100% 3d-printed and uses the Arduino Microcontroller to computer the information and a motor driver to control the speed and direction of its wheels.

350+ 3D Printed Face Sheilds made by Philip

Philip 3D printed over 350 face shield clips for doctors and nurses at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and these face shields were distributed through MidSouth Makers

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