Our Club Goals

Here at Memphis Hackclub, we are building a community of like minded individuals. We use our skills to build each other up to become better makers and hackers as a whole! Our goal is to give you the tools to do anything you want! We try to create an open and fun learning environment where anyone with any skill level can learn to code! Here, you will learn how to build awesome projects such as video games and websites! We host free weekly meetings, and anyone who comes can participate and learn something new and exciting! Also, if you are new to programming, don’t worry! Are workshops are very beginner friendly and we are here to help you along the way! Memphis HackClub ran by Blake Freeman, Philip Pounds, and its amazing club members. We strongly encourage you to join Memphis Hackclub today!(Click to learn more)

What's a Hacker?

Here a hacker is not someone who illegally breaks into bank accounts or steals your friends V bucks. Instead, here hackers are people who see problems that need to be solved and come up with the most effective and efficient way to solve these problems. Often these problems require an innovative mindset, technical skills, and exposure to new ideas. Many of these problems can be solved with computers or clever engineering. At Memphis hack club, we hope for our hackers to be innovative problems solvers and fluent in computer coding, problem solving, and engineering skills to solve hard problems. Before you say there are many problems that can be solved without computer coding or engineering, that is true, but coding fundamentally teaches how to solve problems. Coding teaches you how to break down problems and solve them, that is why learning coding is valuable no matter what career you choose. Our projects will be primarily coding and engineering focused, such as creating awesome pieces of software or amazing robots with Arduinos, and we have so many more ideas.

What is Hackclub

We are formally associated with the student group Hackclub. Hackclub is an organization for like-minded student makers, coders and hackers (Slack). Hackclub offers many super unique opportunities such as AMAs. These AMAs have been with influential people such as Elon Musk, Patrick Collison, Gwen Shotwell, and Tommy DeVoss. Hackclub also offers worldwide coding tournaments which are a great way for hacky students to bond!


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