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Please contact us for any questions, concerns, or just to meet us before your first meeting. We would to love meet you! Reaching out to us is not weird or awkward and we would love to meet you!

About Philip

Email Philip or text 901-503-6556

Hello, I am Philip. Besides coding and engineering, I love eating watermelon, playing with my dog, and chillin with the club! My other interests include cars, finance, and playing a ton of soccer. I am a wind turbine developer, a Stencyl specialist, and a diamond hand PHP fan. I love meeting new people, and I work hard to get to know and build up every single Memphis Hackcluber. I would love to meet you! Text me anytime(or email if that’s your thing)!

About Blake

Email Blake or text 858-946-8515

Hello, my name is Blake! I have been programing 6 years and love it even more than when I started. I like 3d-printing, arduinos, and just chilling with my fellow club members. I am a python and chrome extensions developer, as well as a laser eltromagentic visualizer engineer. I love checking out and helping people with their projects. If you want to ask questions about the club or want someone to hang out with, hit me up!



Hello my name is THE CLUB, some know me as THE CLUB and others Memphis Hackclub. That being said, I am a mystic force that connects the most enthusiastic and creative minds together. When these minds come together, they speak prophecies of the future…And then they create it. I have distributed many posters, made many students into great programmers, and have allowed students to create the software of the future. I am a powerful force and I have too have an email if you dare speak to THE CLUB.